Extract compressed files without any software

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You may want to extract archived ‘rar’ or ‘zip’ files when you cannot find any software for this purpose installed on the computer. Instead of downloading any software, you can unpack these files when you have access to Internet. A website offers a simple solution to this need.

B1 Archiver is a  free and open source file archive manager which is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. They introduce their own archive file format .b1. But the best part is they provide a simple online archiver which can extract .b1, zip, rar, .7z archive format by simple steps.

Click here to go to B1 Online Archiver.  Click on ‘Select archive’ and select archive file from your hard drive. Let B1 extract the file. You can download each files separately by clicking download icon. They provide safety for your files by deleting them in a few minutes after you close the page.
Click here to Download B1 Free Archiver.


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