Stick Evernote notes to Desktop

Wouldn’t be it nice if you can pin important Evernote notes to your desktop? Your notes stay always in sight so you won't miss them. Evernote allows you to create shortcut of notes to Desktop. But it couldn’t be a replacement of sticky notes, because the shortcut leads to the location of the note kept within Evenote itself.  Evernote Sticky Notes is a small freeware lets you to create a sticky note which can be synced to your Evernote account.
Stick Evernote notes to Desktop
Why using Evernote Sticky Notes?
There is a lot of benefits for using Evernote Sticky Notes. First of all, the notes we create will be hosted in a Notebook in Evernote. So they will be synced to Evernote cloud and so are easily accessible across all devices anywhere. So practically these sticky notes wont stick to your Desktop  only.
Stick Evernote notes to Desktop
Every note can have a custom color so it is easy to categorize them on Desktop. For instance, you can group most urgent tasks in yellow, and less urgent in green and so on. 

After installation, it will prompt you to enter your Evernote login details so that it can link to your account. Then you can start enjoying the benefits of both sticky notes and Evernote. Evernote Sticky Notes has looks  like most sticky notes app for desktop out there.

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Download Evernote Sticky Notes here.


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